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The word predictor that lets you type faster. With Skippy, half the usual number of key strokes are unnecessary

Typing becomes much easier with Skippy
Skippy helps people who can use a normal keyboard, but who findtyping a huge effort. With Skippy, people with limited hand function can type faster and with less effort. How does it work? When you type the first letters of a word, Skippy displays a list of words that begin with the letters already typed. In addition, the program also suggests the next word. This makes the program extremely effective.

Comprehensive Wordlist
Skippy contains a comprehensive standard wordlist. And what ifyou type a new word? Skippy can automatically add the new word to the predictive wordlist. This allows the program to evolve effortlessly together with personal use of language.

Custom Wordlists
Skippy can create wordlists with jargon or proper names. Using its Create Wordlist tool, Skippy can instantly build new wordlists from electronic text. Create wordlists with medical or legal terms or perhaps get help writing a book report on Canterbury Tales by basing word prediction on the book itself. Skippy counts, prioritizes and learns all the words and word pairs in a matter of seconds.

Foreign languages
“Hallo”, “bonjour”, “godmorgon”! Skippy is proficient in many languages. The program includes an extensive list for Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ... Skippy makes typing easier and faster in any Windows program.