Eye tracking

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Combine Tellus 5 or Mobi 2 with an eye tracking camera. The camera tracks the movement of your eyes. After a short calibration you are all set to control the Tellus or Mobi with your eyes.

Perform all mouse
functions using only your eyes. The mouse cursor will follow the movements of your eyes. Look at a cell to put the cursor on that cell. Select a cell automatically by using dwell selections or by blinking with your eyes.

There are several efficient eye tracking cameras on the market. Selecting the best eye tracking camera for a specific user depends on many factors: lighting conditions, head movements, are glasses or contact lenses worn?… One user might prefer one type of camera whilst another user may be better suited to a different camera. This is why Jabbla offers and supports a range of eye tracking camera’s for use with the Tellus or Mobi. This modular approach is reflected in our Mind Express software. Use the same software no matter which eye tracking camera you prefer. The Tellus 5 and Mobi 2 can be combined with the following camera’s:

TM5 mini (EyeTech Digital Systems)
Tobii Eyetracker GO (Tobii)
CAM30NT / IntelliGaze (Alea Technologies)
myGaze (Visual Interaction)
Edge (LC Technologies)

Eye tracking can be used in Mind Express but also in other applications.