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Zingui 2
The new Zingui is faster, lighter and slimmer. Zingui 2 has an 8 touch screen and a modern, sleek and robust design. It has top-quality recording and playback features. This speech device is easy to use. Take it wherever you want with the handy in-use case. The Zingui has a high capacity battery and can be used all day long.

Comprehensive, expandable vocabulary and symbol sets
Mind Express software comes standard with SymbolStix symbols, however, other symbol sets or even photos can be used. The Zingui comes with ready-made vocabularies that can be personalized.

Ease of operation
The Zingui can be operated via the touch screen, through one or two switches, a USB mouse or any other USB access method.

Zingui Plus: with text-to-speech
Zingui Plus offers all the features of Zingui, but with added text-to-speech software featuring Acapela voices. Words and phrases are read out loud and clear. A built-in grammar module automatically conjugates the verbs. Word prediction helps the conversation flow more smoothly and quickly.

Communication and more
Take pictures with Zingui 2. The built-in camera can be operated via Mind Express. Turn the Zingui into your remote control for your TV, DVD player, with the built-in IR module. Connect your mobile phone (*) via Bluetooth to make or receive phone calls & texts. or use a wearable display (optional Eddy) to get the message out... loud and clear. The second display can be worn on a lanyard around the neck keeping the focus on the user and not on the device!

(*) Some phones may not be suitable for this feature. Texting is only possible in combination with an Android Phone.


Display8 WVGA, high brightness, capacitive touch screen
AudioDigital audio, integrated stereo speakers, high recording quality, headphone jack
SoftwareMind Express 4
Speech output  BrightSpeech (Acapela)
Weight1 lbs 14 oz or 850 g
Dimensions  LxWxD: 218,5 x 138,5 x 23,2 mm
I/OUSB port, WebCam, IR environmental control, 2 switch inputs for scanning, programmable switch


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