Product overview »
Amego is a ready-to-use solution for text-based communication. The keyboard with word and sentence prediction allows for fast novel communication. There are 5 keyboard choices available. Amego has a vast collection of pre-stored phrases. You can easily add or remove your own sentences to the pre-stored phrases.

Amego is more than just communication. It also includes applications for email, SMS, phone, Facebook, Twitter, Kindle, Instagram and YouTube. You can manage your contacts and calendar, play music, view photos and watch videos. Use of environmental controls and control of other Windows programs or remote control of other PCs or Mac computers are among some of the other possibilities that Amego offers.

Choose the desired access method yourself. Mouse, joystick, scanning or eye control, the user can switch Access methods within Amego itself. Uniquely Amego will automatically adapt its layout and interface depending on what access method you have selected.

The vocabulary is easy to personalise. You decide which items you want or do not want using the intuitive include and exclude page. There are also 4 colour schemes that you can use throughout the vocabulary.

Amego is available for free on the Mind Express website.