Mobi 3

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The high specification talking technology device and accessible PC that combines mobility and performance in an elegant way. Standard features include Mind Express 4 and Windows 10, making Mobi 3 a total solution that allows users to communicate via text or symbols directly from person to person, via the Internet or by phone.

Power and design
The Mobi 3 is equipped with a large 4:3 12 display that automatically adjusts its brightness for the ambient light level. The Mobi 3 includes the ability to control appliances at home, send text messages and make telephone calls via the internal phone option.

Two versions are available: capacitive touch screen version activated by finger press and resistive touch screen version activated by any object, fingernails, stylus etc. Mobi 3 is compatible with eye gaze devices from Alea, Eyetech DS, Tobii & LC.

Mobi 3 is passively cooled so no noisy fans. Furthermore, both WiFi and Bluetooth are integrated.

Mobi 3 can be turned on with an external switch but also by touching the screen. This feature prolongs the autonomy of the built-in battery substantially. The Mobi 3 standard battery provides sufficient power for a whole day.  

PerformanceIntel Pentium Quad-Core 1,6 - 2,5 GHz, 250GB Sold State HD, 4GB RAM
Screen12 inch XGA (1024 x 768) wide-view, high-bright LED display, resistive or capacitive touchscreen
Connections2 switches, 2 USBs
AudioDigital amplified stereo, headphone socket, integrated microphone
SoftwareWindows 10 Enterprise met Mind Express 4
SpeechRealSpeak (Nuance) or BrightSpeech (Acapela)
Weight 1.85KG (2 KG capacitive version)
Standard battery life8 hours (continuous music video)

The Mobi can be supplied with an optional built-in mobile phone. This option allows a user to call or text using their Mobi 3.

Integrated Jabbla IR module
Using the integrated Jabbla IR module, you can operate home appliances in your environment. For example you can turn on the television, switch on the lights or open your front door.

The capacitive Mobi 3 has an integrated front camera. Both capacitive and resistive versions can have a rear camera. The optional integrated cameras can be operated with Mind Express 4. Taking holiday pictures, sharing your adventures with your family and friends? Easier than ever thanks to Mobi 3.

Key guards
Standard or custom made.

Our wireless text display/speaker Eddy is also optional. Eddy is also compatible with our other hardware products.

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