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A second display with powerful audio creates incredible added value. The communication is much smoother because your conversation partner can read and hear your story. Moreover, you have all the attention. There is no need to read along with the communication device's display, you can just sit opposite each other and communicate face-to-face.

Speech therapist Lisa Bennet explains:

"How often do you want to say something to a person who is just outside your hearing range? You want to say something in the car, but are you and your communication device on the back seat? Do you want to say something from the living room, to your father who is in the kitchen? Thanks to Hey_, your conversation partner can use a second display with clear audio.

Are you in a restaurant with a large group of people? It could be that you can't make yourself heard above the noise. With the Eddy or Hey_ your table companions can also read what you have to say. 

Do you want to be discreet? Turn off the audio, and the text on the screen will do the job. This is often useful in a classroom situation. Place your Eddy of Hey_ on the teacher's desk, with the volume low or off. The teacher will understand what you are saying without disturbing your classmates."